Calling businesses within travel, hospitality, and events in Cape Town.

let's work together to create new opportunities and give our communities something great.

The last 2 years have been devastating for so many small businesses in South Africa. The hospitality industry was left in tatters, with thousands left unemployed as longstanding restaurants, bars and cafés were forced to close. Earlier this year, the Restaurant Association of South Africa (RASA) estimated that over 3000 restaurants in their database had closed as a direct result of lockdown.  

We believe in collaboration and the power of communities working together to benefit all. We'd like to do our part in promoting local travel & hospitality businesses in a novel, unique, and innovative way.  

So, let’s work together. Calling businesses within travel, hospitality, and events.  

Let’s create safe spaces for like-minded people to connect. Let’s collaborate on pop-up events. Let’s create magical experiences together. Let us act as a new form of customer acquisition for you.

We’re small, and starting out, but our hearts are hungry and are vision is vast. Help us support small businesses within the travel, hospitality, and events space.