Dating apps destroyed dating - let's rebuild one together.

join us, give us feedback, help us create something you love.

A while ago we wrote about our research into South African’s experiences of dating apps, the results indicating an often disappointing experience. The insight validated some of our core assumptions and resulted in us getting to work on solving some of these problems.  

We’d like to continue this strategy, continuously getting community feedback as we build something new. Something safer, something more engaging for communities and businesses, something that facilitates greater compatibility, and ultimately, something that people love.  

Dating shouldn’t be reduced to a window-shopping interaction of swipes, and it shouldn’t have to be a once-off thing. Dating should be an exciting experience based off mutual interests, fun activities, and real-life interactions. Dating should be exactly what you want it to be.  

So… We’re inviting you all to come along for the ride. Reach out, test us out, give us feedback. We won’t be able to create it ourselves, but we can certainly create it together.